Asbury Park, NJ Chef Has Been Selected to Compete on Fox’s Master Chef

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Credit: Nicole MurrayPublished: June 18, 2021
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A humongous congratulations are in order.

Michael Newman of Asbury Park — and CEO and co-founder of the Jersey Shore brand, JerseyStyle — was featured on the premiere episode of FOX’s MasterChef: Legends!!

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Here is how it worked in case you are not familiar.

Approximately 20 to 25 people were brought on with their families to make a signature dish of their own. Once your dish is complete, you go to face the judges behind closed doors for them to taste test.

Here were the judges for the premiere: Gordon RamseyJoe BastianichAaron Sanchez and guest judge Paula Deen.

Behind those doors, these chefs are brutally honest and if they think you have what it takes, they give you an apron as your ticket to compete for the season.

Congratulations to Michael Newman for not only receiving an apron, but receiving the FINAL apron that was handed out that evening with his vegan crabcakes!

There was a huge premiere party that was held at the Asbury Park Ale House this past Wednesday in honor of the first episode airing and it was a HOOT.

Here is a video that was captured once the big reveal of his apron aired:

Yours truly got to work the red carpet and I even wore real heels for the first time in months. (Um…..OUCH!)

I have to give a shout out to my awesome camera guy & videographer, John Sabia who was amazing to work with because he knew his stuff. Check him out at @Socialitize!

There were A LOT of cool people there that I got to meet and interview.

Before we look at everything from the premiere, just keep in mind to tune in to FOX’s Master Chef: Legends every Wednesday at 8:00 PM to root Michael on!

He is repping the Jersey Shore after all!

FIRST….the photos….keep scrolling for all the interviews! A star from Real Housewives of New Jersey is even included!

Asbury Park Chef Chosen To Compete On FOX’s Master Chef

Nicole Murray got to attend the killer premiere event at Asbury Ale House

Gallery Credit: Nicole Murray

Carl Maiorino

Mike Newman & Wife, Basia With Nicole

Carl Maiorino

Thank You To Asbury Ale House

Carl Maiorino

Repping 94.3 The Point…Of Course

John Sabia; @Socialitize

Mike, Basia & I — Being..Well..US!

Carl Maiorino

Red Carpet Life

John Sabia; @Socialitize

Albie Manzo Everybody!

Albie is best known as Caroline Manzo’s son who has starred on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.
Albie is currently spending a lot of time in Asbury as he and his family just took over The Berkley.

John Sabia; @Socialitize

They Call Him Mr. Q’s BBQ

They sell BBQ sauce on Amazon, are getting their skewers out there to some Jersey Shore restaurants and even have a food truck!
Take a look HERE.

Nicole S Murray

Mr Q’s BBQ Skewers


John Sabia; @Socialitize

Alex Figeroa – Mike’s Barber

He is opening up a new Matt Blatt Studio at the Berkeley in Asbury Park!

Carl Maiorino

Mike Newman With The Epic Apron

Carl Maiorino

Mike & Fellow Master Chef Castmate

Nicole S Murray

The Famous Vegan Crabcake

Carl Maiorino

Tim Allen – CEO of Jerzey Jungle Juice

This is Tim Allen, CEO and co-founder of the first-ever ready and pour Jungle Juice!
Jerzey Jungle Juice is gluten free and is made with grain-free spirits and natural flavors!
AND YES….it is sold at the Jersey Shore. Check out their website for info.

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